Valextra, the Italian luxury leather goods brand, annually commissions a new designer to renovate its Milan flagship store. The concept for Valextra is based on the structural order of scaffold systems, often overlooked as temporary framework, rather than complex and highly regimented matrices. More specifically, the space considers the play between the industrial aesthetic of scaffold and the billowing freeform of the mesh that often accompanies it.  

The Valextra boutique is divided into three main bays, each with its own internal support system, from which the white, billowing mesh is suspended. The use of Ceppo di Gré flooring references the brand’s italian heritage, and works to completely transform the existing boutique into an unexpected and memorable environment. Meanwhile, a custom seating collection made from similarly tactile materials, offers Valextra clients a moment of rest and contemplation.

As visitors enter the space, they are enveloped by a singular, white surface, blurring the boundaries of the walls and ceiling but emphasizing the precise and clean lines of the Valextra designs. Moreover, the use of a muted palette and industrial materials further highlights the range of colorways in the current Valextra collection. 


Milan, Italy


Paige Davidson

Fav Woodworking

Delfinos Sisto Legnani and Marco Cappelletti

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