Fun House

Fun House is Snarkitecture’s first comprehensive museum exhibition. Initially installed at the National Building Museum in Washington D.C. and curated by Italy-based Maria Cristina Didero, the heart of the exhibition is presented within a Snarkitecture-designed house — a freestanding structure that recalls and re-imagines the idea of the traditional home filtered through Snarkitecture’s lens.

Fun House includes a sequence of interactive rooms that reference familiar elements of a house, along with related spaces and programs. The feeling of a home is recalled by the proportion, scale, and materials that make up Fun House. Abstracted elements like a kitchen cabinet display or bathtub, reference a familiar domestic interior while allowing people to experience the world of Snarkitecture.

Fun House includes over fifty Snarkitecture environments and objects, like Dig (2011) and Drift (2012), as well as new concepts developed specifically for The National Building Museum.

National Building Museum

Washington, D.C.


Breanna Urquhart, Brigitte Lucey, Katie Burzon, Paige Davidson

National Building Museum

John Bianchi, Timothy Stanley

Noah Kalina

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