In collaboration with Berlin-based brand Pentatonic, Fractured collection is made entirely from post-consumer waste. Fractured plays on the themes of separation and modularity, in alignment with Pentatonic’s mission to recycle and repurpose existing materials.

Fractured table and bench can be hand-assembled and reconfigured as needed, and both pieces rest upon Pentatonic's modular “Airtool” base. Fractured bench offers seating for two or may be easily separated into individual chairs. The bench seat and backrest are made from Plyfix felt, which is created entirely from old plastic but resembles and feels like a textile covering. Each bench is made using over 240 recycled plastic bottles and 40 soda cans.

The surface of the Fractured table is made from recycled aluminum, and depending on the height of the base, functions as either a cocktail table or small dining table. Over 1,200 soda cans, 130 plastic cartons and 5 car bumpers are recycled into each Fractured table.

Fractured collection is in keeping with Snarkitecture’s ongoing exploration of apparent instability and the re-imagining of familiar forms through unexpected gestures. The roughly-severed edges of the table and bench, provide contrast to Pentatonic’s highly precise fabrication techniques. Meanwhile, the structure and design of the collection plays on the idea of transformation and rebuilding, similar to the recycling process itself.



Paige Davidson

Courtesy of Pentatonic

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