Center Court

Located in the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse, home to the Cleveland Cavaliers and Cleveland Monsters, this 6,700 square-foot space reconsiders the standard arena shop. Snarkitecture’s goal was to transform the existing retail space into an elevated and unique destination. The bright, two-story shop includes bespoke furniture, elevated product displays and a custom Snarkitecture-designed sculpture in the center of the space.

The design is conscious of the shop’s need for flexible and efficient operations, as well as carefully curated product display zones. The tonally neutral, yet texturally rich, material palette was critical in creating an environment where the product could be highlighted and displayed like works of art.

Snarkitecture worked with Arsham Studio to create custom signage aligned with the new identity for the space, Center Court. The signs at the cash wraps and entrances are inspired by vintage LED scoreboards with letters composed of individually illuminated dots. On the concourse entrance side, scrolling LED banners run along the windows, paying homage to that same retro sensibility.

Key design moments throughout the space are inspired by ‘behind- the-scenes’ areas in the arena. Jerseys are displayed in dramatically-lit custom millwork, mimicking the player locker-room. The store entrance from the concourse takes notes from the dark passageways that lead to the playing surface in the depths of the FieldHouse bowl, creating a moment of surprise and awe as you enter the main space. 

The crown jewel of Center Court is “Basketball Run,” a custom, interactive sculpture, which is suspended from the second floor ceiling. Inspired by a childhood marble-run toy, custom white basketballs spin down the tracks and are lifted by a mechanism along the column at the center of the shop. The piece creates a playful moment of engagement within an active retail environment.

Nestled beneath the stairs is an oak-lined room inspired by vintage trophy rooms, used to display retro Cavs’ apparel. The stairs leading to the second floor are inspired by tall theatrical curtains commonly used as backdrops and drapery on stages, a nod to the rich concert and entertainment history of the Fieldhouse.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Rocket Mortgage Field House, Cleveland, Ohio


Brigitte Lucey, Michie Nimsombun, Victor Lee, Si Chen

Populous and Van Auken Akins Architects LLC

Whiting Turner

Sean Davidson

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